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We’re Steve and Scott, the coauthors of the first Harvard Business Review article about NFTs. We’re so excited about all the ways NFTs can empower businesses and consumers that we decided just one article wasn’t enough. So we’re writing a book – coming soon from Portfolio/Penguin!

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Steve’s a career marketer who’s led multiple disciplines at Fortune 500 and multinational companies – and today counsels NFT projects, the world’s largest agencies, and big companies on how to navigate the NFTs. He also cofounded a decentralized media company that’s considered a trusted voice in the NFT world.

Scott’s an entrepreneurship professor at Harvard Business School and a research partner at a16z crypto, a branch of venture firm Andreessen Horowitz. He studies and coaches entrepreneurs on the design of markets and marketplaces – and how new technologies like NFTs can transform them.

We’re also both huge NFT collectors and fans ourselves.

We’ve created a framework to explain what NFTs are and why they’re useful – and to help businesses understand how to integrate NFTs into their brands and operations. Whether you’re a small business owner or work at a Fortune 500 – or even if you’re just a consumer who wants to understand what all the fuss is about – we break down the world of NFTs in an easy and understandable way. And if you’re already into NFTs, our book will help you take your engagement to the next level.

It’s our hope that by the end of it, you won’t just understand how and why NFTs can improve our everyday lives, you’ll be able to harness the core concepts behind successful NFT projects and put them into action.

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